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Feb 25, 2014 9:00pm PST
in the bigs. jim is not as tests to rope filled as balance 4. raining balance 4 all that stuff more calm and collected. does have some fire in him that is good. i think we'll be very pleased what we get out of him. >>reporter: i wondered how much catcher talk to hitter during the at bat. when hand the plate any conversation going on when a guy comes up. >> for me i have to be a little bit careful because i still am very youngest if the gale. not really my position i'd say quite yet to unleash 100 percent of my dry hum or. i definitely think it's a great part of the gale. not in any type of which to 0if he said nebraska but just to have fun. >>reporter: with the a's abc 7 sports. >> got grit personality. no clem basketball team has ever gone 30 and o in a regular season until tonight. $used to hear more and more about wichita state as we get close to tournament time. shocker. deep veteran team baker here. strong to the the rack and throwing it down. baker catches. shoot 3. up 29-22 on bradley. in peoria. if it plays, there it's anthony early for 3 and cotton with authority
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1